JDShelp Home Office Project

I was surprised to find out that Linux x86 with Samba 3 outperformed Windows Server 2000 and Windows 2003. So, I wrote about it in Linux Journal. Now, we're writing the specifications for a zero administration product for small office home office users. We plan to GPL the add-on and make Linux plug and play at home. Obviously, I'd like to hear from anyone with scripts, tools, code, howtos,other documentation or coding skills. Please write me- Tom.

User support

Through the use of our community knowledge base, tutorials, HOWTOs and RPM repository, you will find answers you may need to run and administer the JDS Linux Desktop. We also have published a book through O'Reilly and Associates called "Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop" that you can use as a user's guide or training manual to use JDS.

High-Quality Software

Additional Linux Software
JDSHelp.org began with the idea of providing additional Linux software that Sun did not include with JDS but which we had grown accustomed to seeing. Within a short while we discovered a larger need to provide a venue where knowledgable Linux community members could share their knowledge with others, provide community-level user support, information, news and high-quality RPMs for the Java ™ Desktop System. Our goal is to facilitate rapid problem solving through the use of a portal of on-line resources including tutorials, an RPM repository and general help.